Sunday, November 25, 2012

365+1 Week 46

Photo's #316-322:

"Music" Abby at home practicing before we go over to Grandma's for a lesson.  She has now passed my ability to help her- I am so proud! Today she started learning "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" in preparation for the Griffiths family Christmas Dinner Talent Show.

"Reflection" Tonight the girls discovered that if they shined their bed reading lamps against the closet doors they could put on a shadow puppet show.  I was particularly impressed with Olivia's cute doggy- it appears to be wearing a sweater :)

Tonight we had the chance to go and see the High School presentation of Peter Pan.  A couple of kids from our neighborhood were in it and they did an excellent job! I was quite impressed- the music was fun and the cast was very funny.  Abby loved when they all took flight (on strings) to Never Land,  Olivia was entranced by Tigerlily, and Eva- of course- loved Nana the dog as well as that hilarious Crocodile!!

"Handmade" Olivia has taken to stealing empty toilet paper rolls and turning them into masterful pieces of art.  Here is her latest, in honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Shortly after I snapped this photo she discovered a few more empty rolls. A cute little Pilgrim girl and Indian now completed her set.

"Drink" In preparation for the Turkey Trot 5K race next week, Abby and I have been going on evening runs together. She is getting faster, in fact I almost can't keep up with her when we run up the hills! She is dedicated and determined to place next week and I am positive she will achieve that goal. I have found it really fun to have her as a running partner!  Also, when we get our cold and chilly bones back to the house she insists on having a cup of hot chocolate, why not right?!!

Olivia had her school class devotional presentation today.  She was so nervous, which is a new development this year! I had to really talk her into going up on stage, but she conquered her fear and you would never have known from the audience. The theme was "One voice to change the world". They talked about hero's in history from the beginning of time up until the first Thanksgiving who stood up for what they believed and in the process had an enormous impact on our world for good.  She was cast as an angel in the pre-mortal world making a choice to follow Christ and come to earth to receive a body.  It was beautiful and heartwarming and she did an excellent job!!

My parent's celebrated their 40th Anniversary today!  5 of their 8 children and spouses were able to take them out to dinner and celebrate.  We had them share how they met and when they got engaged. It was fun to hear and wonderful to spend the evening together. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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amberdat said...

so sad we couldn't make it to this dinner!!! you all look wonderful. thanks for at least posting a picture!!